Sunday evening Quickie:

(And not that way, you perverts)

Playstation Home is opening up a few more spaces tomorrow (I guess this is their “promised three a month”? Considering it’s three areas right now?) called the “Alpha Zone” that is a part of the “Xi” Alternate Reality Game.

Two of the areas add in a couple of mini-games, one of which is a sort-of-neat hover-bike race thing that is kinda-3D (you hit a tree and it pops out near your hoverbike).

Not a terribly good update, but it’s one of the better areas of Home in terms of trying to give more interactivity.

You can check it out now if you have someone in the area or get invite into the three areas (just make them your favorites if you want to go back) or you can check them out when they go live tomorrow.

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