Shenmue III Costs More than 2 Million to Make

Patrick Klepek on Shenmue III‘s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign:

There’s something curious about Shenmue III on Kickstarter: it’s only asking for $2 million. It took $47 million to build the original game. What’s the deal? As it turns out, Sony’s partnering with its development.

It’s ridiculous that this partnership to fund Shenmue III isn’t mentioned on the Kickstarter page. Of course the game doesn’t cost $2 million to make, that goal is just as much bullshit as the $500,000 goal from Bloodstained. The Bloodstained crowdfunding campaign was good enough mentioned the external investment in their video.

Playstation 4 gets DLNA Media Player

Scott McCarthy:

Hello PlayStation Nation! Every time we announce new features for PS4 here on PlayStation.Blog, I love going into the comments to answer your questions and see feedback on which features people really like and which ones people still want to see. One of those questions I have been able to count on has been, “Where is our PS4 media player?”

If you were watching our E3 press conference pre-show, you probably heard the good news – Media Player for the PS4 will be available to download from PlayStation Store this evening. A Media Player icon will appear in the PS4 content area, simply select the icon and you will be taken to the PS Store where you can begin the download.

A DLNA player for the Playstation 4, finally.

PC Gaming Show 2015 News


That’s it.


Wrapping up. No thanks given to AMD. I don’t really follow Day9 but I have a ton of respect for him now for the way he handled the sponsorship. You could have mopped the branding puke off the floor during the AMD segments.


Asked how they can do this with such a small team at Hello Games. It’s perfectly doable by a small team because it’s generated by the computer.




Comparisons to the original Elite.


It sounds like the game design of a child, basically. I don’t know how to take that, it’s true.


Day9 asks how they’re playtesting No Man’s Sky, the answer is actually one you might have read before. Hello Games has AI bots that report back on the universe with screenshots.


No Man’s Sky is coming to Windows and Playstation 4 at the same time.




No Man’s Sky! Excellent.


The three prologue missions will be available to everyone, but if you pre-order Legacy of the Void (the full Protoss campaign) you get to access the three mission prologue early.


Starcraft 2:Whisper’s of Oblivion trailer. It’s the Protoss campaign. A three mission series about the Xel’naga prophecy.whispers


Day9’s asked about how they decide which characters come to HOTS, Dustin’s said that it’s different for every character but some just have to be brought in and others are perfect fits for the gameplay. How can we have a character that never dies? King Leoric is perfect for that.


dustin browder


King Leoric is also joining HOTS, he can harass people after he dies in the game. Anything he does while dead to harass other players lowers his respawn timer.


The treasure goblin joins HOTS on June 30th.


An expansion for Heroes of the Storm already? Eternal Conflict has Diablo 3 characters and a hellish design. We’ve heard about this before, but it looks great.hots


Chris Sigaty and Dustin Browder are here from Blizzard. Talking about their MOBA Heroes of the Storm.


Bullet-hell crossed with a rogue-like. Over two-hundred hand-designed weapons in Enter the Gungeon. No sound to the demo for some reason.




Devolver folks are here with a live demo of Enter the Gungeon.


A discussion of skill and how Bluestreak will, like every other competitive FPS, be easy to learn and difficult to master.


Day9 and Cliff are talking over the teaser trailer for Project Bluestreak. Nothing of any significance yet.cliff


I like your butt divot.

-Cliff Bleszinski


Cliff Bleszinski is on stage.


A trailer for Bohemia’s Take On Mars space simulator. Spacey.


I haven’t played DayZ in months due to those bugs in their alpha, it’s exciting to hear they will become feature complete later this year. Maybe they’ll actually ship a non-Early Access release in 2016?


Steam Workshop support for DayZ in the beta as well.


They’re going into beta later this year. They’ll add that single player mode, tools to host your own server.




If you can’t stand people you can play by yourself.


They’re going to add single-player to DayZ.


They’re adding three new vehicles to DayZ. My question is: do zombies still walk through walls?


It’s a learning experience to try to get a build out…




Bohemia’s Brian Hicks is here to talk about DayZ.


Soma ships September 22nd, 2015, and the trailer they just showed was almost 99% black.


Speaking of science-fiction, Frictional’s Ian Thomas is here to tell us about Soma. A horror game in the deep sea.


Tacoma‘s waystation has a crew of six and is a bit smaller than you might expect, but is so very different from Gone Home.


Steve is talking about how other walking simulators are limited to what is basically a 2D plane for exploration, but Tacoma has more variation in level design and gravity so that you can explore in different ways than just walking.


Steve Gaynor is coming on stage to tell us about Tacoma. The first-person-exploration game from the developers of Gone Home.




Dirty Bomb developer, Paul Wedgwood is on stage to give some context to a trailer for Dirty Bomb. It looks like what the developers of Brink would have gone on to do.


Speaking of smells, the developer behind Beyond Eyes is here to tell us about it. It’s out this summer, and we haven’t gotten enough context on it yet. It appears to be about a little girl who is blind and sees the world through other senses.


(Sorry about the HTML code nonsense, twitter followers.)


New graphics tech in this, but they haven’t talked about gameplay beside briefly mention island factions fighting and then wrapping up their interview.


The water will be more important on this new set of islands and archipelagos.


Bohemia has a trailer for Arma 3’s Tanoa map that is coming in 2016. It’s a Pacific Island jungle area.


Bohemia Interactive is on stage now. Glad the AMD advertisement is on temporary hiatus.


AMD is showing a dual-GPU card. That’s what was in this dumbass box that was on Day9’s desk this whole show. I’m excited for crashing two GPUs at once.


Okay there’s no way that the card she just showed, the R9 Nano, supports 4k gaming at any level of quality.


Lisa is talking about the new R9 Fury X. No price, but it must be expensive because it is the “flagship card.”


AMD’s got their CEO Lisa Su on stage. I’m glad they exist as a competitor to intel and nvidia, but it feels super inappropriate for this to be the AMD show.


you smell amazing.

-Day9 to Hakan


It sounds like io interactive may have fixed so much that was wrong in Hitman: Absolution, while this Hitman is very different.


Day9 and Hakan are speaking chest-to-chest now since only Day9’s mic works.


His mic is busted. We can’t really hear what he’s saying, which is somehow worse than speaking too quickly.


Hakan Abrak from io interactive is here now. I hope he speaks slower.


There’s so much, I can’t emphasize enough how awesome Guild Halls sound or transcribe fast enough.colin


With the Heart of Thorns expansion Guild Wars 2 players will be able to build guild halls. They actually look pretty interesting and I do not need to go start playing Guild Wars 2 now. It looks quite impressive with way more than you might expect from just a guild hall. In-hall PVP combat, competitive leaderboards, new missions through the guild portal, guild puzzles, guild races, customizable buildings.


The director of ArenaNet is up next to tell us about improvements to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.


It’s called Planet Coaster.frontier1


Actually, David is not talking about Elite: Dangerous’ reasonable price. He’s announcing a game that is coming from Frontier in 2016. No title or other information yet.


David Braben is here to tell us about not charging hundreds of dollars for virtual spaceships.


Feargus’ response was that they actually came very close to funding the game with only the money they got from the crowdfunding.


Day9 is surprisingly killing it, he asked about the question of setting expectations poorly with too-low-to-fund-the-game goals in crowdfunding.


Feargus is here along with the CEO of Paradox to tell us about their partnership for the expansion to Pillars of Eternity. It’s more than a little strange for that to happen from a crowdfunded game.


A trailer for an expansion to Pillars of Eternity, The White March, is playing. Increased level cap, new companions. Unfortunate name.


Talking about the difference between being faithful to older games and using new technology, they’re going to do some things that just weren’t possible before like keeping every spent shell and dead body in the game world.


The developers behind Strafe are now on stage with a live demo of their old-school FPS. strafe


Day9 gives Dean the appropriate level of shit for not finishing DayZ before leaving to start on this.


Dean Hall’s next game is called Ion, there’s a teaser trailer but not much else. It’s inspired by a game called Space Station 13. It’s too early for more information besides that players will have their own regions.


Dean Hall is talking about the challenges in running a game in Steam’s Early Access program and how refunds may have helped alleviate that.


Dean Hall is coming up.


Day9 asks if Valkyrie is going to be integrated with EVE Online, it isn’t.




This game was built completely from the ground up for VR.


Ryan Geddes from CCP is on stage to tell us about the VR game from CCP, Eve Valkyrie.


Wide-open American landscapes are depicted with various trucks for a few moments.


SCS Software is making American Truck Simulator. A trailer ensues.


Gears 1 was on Windows before, but was using the defunct Games for Windows Live Xbox Live variant.


The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Gears 1 remaster) is coming to Windows.


Rod Fergusson is on stage now. Phil Spencer has been reduced to another chair off to the side, apparently.


Open beta for Gigantic later this year.


The Fable Legends developer did not explain how the free-to-play bullshit will work. Is it cosmetic changes only, or what? No explanation.


Fable Legends‘ time is over, it’s time for Gigantic. It sounds like a cross between a MOBA (League of Legends, DOTA) and Evolve. There are two teams of five and giant monsters.


They’re saying that Fable Legends is a different kind of game, so that is what necessitated it being free-to-play.


Developers on the free-to-play bullshit Fable Legends have replaced Phil Spencer whose commitment to “PC Gaming” seems to have lasted about two minutes of show time.


He’s announced that Killer Instinct is coming to the PC.


Phil Spencer is talking about the benefits to developers from Microsoft with Windows 10. How much easier the free-for-a-year updates make testing games on Windows (bullshit) DX12 (not bullshit.)


Okay I have a bit more respect for the host now, he is giving Phil Spencer the appropriate level of shit for Microsoft being utterly terrible at dealing with gaming for the last 29 years.


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is coming on stage.


The talk-show style interview is over almost as quickly as it began.


We’ve got two folks from Creative Assembly here to talk about how deep Total War: Warhammer is.


A trailer for Total War: Warhammer is playing with Lorde singing in the background. It’s just a bunch of lead-up to two seconds of a beast from Warhammer flying in to smash the historical troops they’ve been showing. Lame.


The Deus Ex developers are gone, the host talks about what’s up next and somebody in the audience shouts “Half Life 3.” Can the joke of asking for that in every conversation about games ever be stopped?


The host, Sean “Day[9]” Plott, is asking the developers how they play Deus Ex. Stealthy or guns, guns guns. The developers are explaining how they’re trying to balance the game for both kinds of Deus Ex player.


We finally have a name for the new engine in Mankind Divided, it’s the Dawn Engine. It wasn’t possible to understand the name given in the Square-Enix press conference.


Sarif, that is.


Adam Jensen is no-longer working with Serif, he’s with an anti-terrorism agency.


Deus Ex developers are on the stage telling us about what’s changed in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


His next explanation is about how DX12 is helping with core utilization. Understandable that the audience for this show is pretty wide that he couldn’t go into great depth and it is difficult to translate extreme technicalities to someone who isn’t as technical, but still that just felt like wasted time.


AMD’s Chief Gaming Scientist Spokesperson is explaining that you need a very good graphics card for VR.


Fortunately the off-stage prerecorded Chris Roberts is over, and we’re on to video card chat with an AMD spokesperson to tell us nothing of interest yet.


Chris Roberts is talking about how Star Citizen is a grassroots game, because it’s financed from people’s hundreds to thousands of dollars per player instead of a publisher or investor.


Next up, the CEO of the charge you hundreds of dollars for a virtual spaceship company, Chris Roberts.


Tripwire is on stage with a Rising Storm 2 trailer.


Technical difficulties, I’m live with the PC Gaming Show now.

Square-Enix’s E3 2015 News


That’s it.

thank you




It looks like we’re wrapping up, a montage of all the games they’ve talked about plays while all the people from earlier come on stage to clap together.


We’re directed to


That’s the working title, of course.


Some concept art but the game is called Project Setsuna.


There’s a new studio working on a new RPG for Square-Enix, it’s called Tokyo RPG Factory and they have a very goofy dubstep sound effect to accompany their logo.




They’re making a Final Fantasy Portal App.


There’s some app on iPhones and the game is being released in Early 2016 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.


mankind 2


All kinds of cyberpunk urban areas.


Adam Jensen is narrating the trailer.


In-game trailer coming up.




We call it a Mechanical Apartheid.


The developers are the same ones from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but they have a new game engine.


On to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


Star Ocean comes out Winter 2015 in Japan.


There will be two types of cut-scenes, dynamic and static. This is my stunned face.



A release year, 2016.


jrpg fighting clips from Star Ocean.


Anime kids with backpacks in a trailer for the new Star Ocean.


They’re announcing no release date, but that it’ll come out in North American and Europe on Playstation 4.


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness


Star Ocean clips.


They were just quick hits.


Montage of trailers starts now: Hitman: Sniper mobile game gets a trailer. Now the free-to-play Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars. Finally, Final Fantasy 15


It comes out on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam, on December 8th.


The trailer narrator is telling us about how the new Hitman will change over time and you can work with your friends to mark targets.


hitman 2


Agent 47 will be fighting a spy-ring called Iago.


Christian is gone, a trailer for the new Hitman starts.




Hitman: Enter a World of Assassination is supposed to have new updates and hits available for a limited time.


Christian, the creative director at io interactive is on stage.


It’s coming out 2016 for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.


The new game system is supposed to be both simple and very deep and approachable by everyone.


He’s being translated as saying “IP” a bunch of times. Stop saying “IP.”


The director of World of Final Fantasy, Hiroki Chiba is here to tell us about it.


The chibi-FF, World of Final Fantasy, from yesterday’s Playstation conference is back.


Back to chess and closing with no release date, just that it’s “Now in Development” for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


They’re even riding magical tea-cups while battling.


On to Sora and his crew of Disney characters beating the shit out of various colorful monsters.


A trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 starts. Two characters with anime hair are playing chess.


Oh boy the Vice President of World Wide Marketing Bullshit and Franchise Management at Walt Disney is here with another dude from Disney. They’re telling us that the characters from Tangled are going to be in KH 3.


Now: Kingdom Hearts 3.


It’s called Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key. It’ll come to North America as well. The story links to Kingdom Hearts 3.


There’s a mobile Kingdom Hearts game trailer being played. I see multiple currency types on the top of the screen.


Final Fantasy 7 is coming to iOS summer 2015, but I think it is just the version from Steam.


More information about it this winter. Some kind of timed exclusivity still for Playstation 4. Japanese man is back with a translator this time.


Here’s where I shamefully admit that I’ve never finished Final Fantasy 7.


The Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer from yesterday’s Playstation press conference is played again.


We’ve got somebody on stage speaking Japanese with no translator. Okay, sure.


Montage trailer with shitty electric guitar over multiple games. Final Fantasy: Heavensward (sic), Life is Strange, Dragon Quest.


Like Hitman: Go, Lara Croft: Go is turn-based and isometric with a unique art style.


Now we have Lara Croft: Go.


Hitman Go was styled like a Hitman board game with an isometric view.


Patrick is on stage to tell us about mobile games, specifically about Hitman: Go and Hitman: Sniper. Hitman Go is actually great. I loved it.


Rest assured we’re putting the tombs back into Tomb Raider.


It’s so strange how Tomb Raider seemingly influenced Uncharted which has now influenced the modern Tomb Raider games.


Close zooms on Lara’s clothes and face to show the new details in both.


They’re now playing canned footage of Crystal Dynamics’ developer interviews.


Rise of the Tomb Raider still looks great, it ships November 10th, 2015. The game’s director is coming up to the stage. Brian Horton.


The same Tomb Raider trailer from yesterday’s Microsoft E3 press conference is being played now.


Even the subtitle is a secret


No real information, just the producer of the game telling us that it’s just getting started.


I apologize for your nightmares tonight, but I thought it was worth sharing.




Back to the stage with a guy wearing a very strange mask.


A new Nier game. We’ve got a female protagonist on screen. More information Fall 2015. No real information. “Production has just begun on this.”


A trailer with slow piano music and panning shots of a ruined world.


Yokai Saito is here from Business Division 6 to tell you to shut up and pay attention to this new Platinum Games game.


This makes me miss Mercenaries, but that’s it for Just Cause 3.


The booming voiceover is telling us about how everything is tracked in the game so that you can compete with others and unlock new stuff in the game.


New vehicles, tractors, monster trucks, jet skis, and they’re more complicated in their construction so they look cooler when you destroy them.


The wing suit makes it much easier to glide through the air for longer, as opposed to having to do the herky-jerky grapple with the parachute in Just Cause 2.


The grapple and parachute can work together better.


You can grapple together multiple air vehicles to cause them all to get super fucked up.


They’re explaining the story but who cares when you can blow up an oil rig.


This looks great, a huge step from Just Cause 2. More building destruction.


A trailer for Just Cause 3 starts. Jumping a classic car out of the back of an airplane.


Just Cause 3 is launching on PS4/Xbox One/Windows December 1st, 2015.


Roland is telling us how this will be the best open-world game ever. Talking about game is more polished, upgraded grapple-hook, wing suit to make your flight more stable.


Okay we have the game’s director, Roland, here finally.


No video of the game at all yet, just dude talking about how they’re going to support games longer after they’re released.


Starting off with Just Cause 3, from Avalanche.


Live with Square-Enix’s E3 press conference.

Nintendo’s E3 2015 News


That’s it for Nintendo, up next is the Square-Enix press conference on


They want you to share your own video of you singing the 1-1 theme at a URL but it doesn’t seem to be working.


A montage of Mario levels is followed by people making the Mario 1-1 background music in a bunch of different ways to celebrate the 30th anniversary.


We’re wrapping up. Super Mario Maker will be available to demo at Best Buy stores in the U.S.


You should try Mario Maker if you want to be a game designer. It comes out 9/11/15.


Miyamoto is talking about how you’re trapped into getting the first mushroom in Super Mario Brothers’ 1-1 level.


It even has a pipe for a base.


Wow, there’s an 8-bit Mario Amiibo that is huge.


Or putting characters underwater that have never been underwater.


You can combine elements from different Mario games to make new stuff. Like stacking enemies into a tower.


They found some old concept work from the original Mario games where Mario could fly in a cloud around the levels.


There’s a cat’s paw editing the levels instead of a human hand. That cat is pretty smart.


On to Mario Maker.


Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii-U holiday 2015


Mario Tennis now, with power-ups making the characters huge.


Mario & Luigi Paper Jam ships in Spring 2016.


More Paper Mario for 3DS. With the regular Mario & Luigi crossing over with their Paper Mario & Luigi variants.


Uh this is basically just ghost Pokemon where you capture some things into your in-game watch. Ships holiday 2015.


Level 5 is up next with more anime. Yokai Watch.


It ships October 16th, 2015.


Yarn Yoshi will be an Amiibo. Also the game will have co-op where the Yoshi can swallow each other and shoot each other out to different places. Different Amiibo will also change the look of your character in the game.


On to Yoshi’s Wooly World, the yarn-styled happy fun time Yoshi platformer for Wii-U.


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival ships Holiday 2015.


Amiibos for your favorite Animal Crossing characters.


Animal Crossing in a party game for Wii-U now.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer September 25th, 2015.


Xenoblade Chronicles X, mecha fighting commences 12/4/15


Time for Shin Migami Tensei x Fire Emblem. It’s more Anime bullshit. 2016


On to Fire Emblem: Fates with some anime trailer. Also coming out 2016.


4-player co-op FPS called Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Metroid Prime: Blast Ball a 3v3 sports arena type of thing. No date but 2016 is the year.


On to Metroid for 3DS.


That’s out 1st quarter 2016.


There’s a subtitle, Hyrule Warriors: Legends.


It’s just Hyrule Warriors. No biggie.


Here’s the rumored Hyrule Warriors (Dynasty Warriors Zelda) for the 3DS.


You’ll be able to play online co-op as well locally.


Woah, this time you collect items to get new outfits and the outfits change the way you play.


So they added this totem mechanic where you can carry your friends on your shoulders and apparently a four-player totem was too tall. So they’re limiting you to three. Also that works because of triforce being three things.


We’ve got the designer of the game telling us about their focus on working collaboratively instead of competitively in multiplayer Zelda co-op.


It’s got co-op. Fall 2015.


Now we’re on to Zelda: Tri Force Heroes for the 3DS.


So there will be a bunch of these Amiibolanders. I expect confused children everywhere to try to use the Amiibo mode on the wrong system.


You can twist the base of these new Skylanders to work as amiibo with a twist of the base.


Now we’re on to Skylanders superchargers. “Introducing Turbo Charge Donkey Kong”


He’s talking about Mario Maker, coming out later this year. And now Amiibo. Nothing new in either so far.


Reggie is introducing us in non-muppet form to what they’ll be talking about during this conference.


This Starfox isn’t a sequel or remake, so that’s why they called it Zero.


The Starfox ships, the R-wings, were supposed to transform in the Starfox sequel that never shipped. Starfox 2. That’ll be in Starfox Zero for the Wii-U.


The name of this Starfox is Starfox Zero.


Miyamoto is telling us about how Star Fox is designed. How important the gates you fly under are.


We’re live with Nintendo’s E3 press conference. Starting off with muppets of the Nintendo crew leading into Star Fox for the Wii-U.

Sony’s E3 2015 News

The Playstation press conference starts now:

  • Some dude with a shitty beard is yakking it up about how awesome gaming and Playstation are.
  • The Last Guardian, the next game from the developers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is still on. They’re playing a trailer now. It comes out in 2016.
  • Guerrilla Games the developers of the most creatively named game since BonestormKillzone, are making something new. It has some kind of crossover between tree creatures and robot dinosaurs, looks a bit Turok-y and Heavenly Sword-y. There’s a stealth system similar to the one in Assassin’s Creed where you can crawl through bushes to keep awareness down. The protagonist lady has a laser bow that shoots rocket arrows. Also, a gun that binds the giant robot dinosaurs to the ground.  It’s called Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  • From IO Interactive, a new Hitman, seemingly just called Hitman with no colon or subtitle. No gameplay footage, just a new trailer. Playstation beta is exclusive for pre-orderers. Don’t pre-order games.
  • Street Fighter V. Exclusive to Playstation and Windows. Beta starts July.
  • Hello Games is back with more No Man’s Sky. Which predictably still looks amazing. The unpredicted is that they started off with space combat which hasn’t been shown before. I can picture the mythical publisher boss sitting in front of his desk, smashing down papers and shouting IF THIS DEMO DOESN’T START WITH GUNS YOUR GAME IS CANCELLED!  After the space combat, we go to a random planet. “Every planet in every solar system is fully destructible.” This demo is amazing. There are NPC guardians who protect the planets from being destroyed. Release date will be announced soon, but not today. Ends with a Carl Sagan quote.
  • Media Molecule is here to tell us about our dreams. You can sculpt in 3D with your regular Dualshock 4 controller and animate short films as well. It’s just called Dreams.
  • Firewatch from Campo Santo. Some kind of timed exclusive for Playstation. Still looks great. No release date.
  • Destiny: The Taken King. Another expansion for Destiny. If we don’t see Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 before the end of this press conference I will be surprised.
  • More Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Exclusive missions on Playstation 4.
  • Final Fantasy has gone super-chibi in World of Final Fantasy. Timed exclusive for PS4 and Vita. 2016. No real information as to what it is.
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer. Timed exclusive for Playstation 4. Not even a year for a release.
  • A montage trailer from Devolver Digital for a bunch of games, Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls.
  • Shenmue III is going to be crowd funded. It’s already on Kickstarter. 2 Million goal for the project. It’s very strange since this isn’t from Sega, instead it’s Shenmue’s creator, Yu Suzuki with a company called Ys Net. $29 for a digital copy for PS4 or Windows. Estimated release is in December of 2017.
  • We’re on to some Batman-related thing. Oh it’s just Batman: Arkham Knight with some very strange exclusive Scarecrow missions for Playstation 4. 
  • Guerrilla Games Cambridge is working on a VR game called Rigs that will work with Sony’s Morpheus VR Headset. They said IP. Stop saying IP. There were a few other games in a montage.
  • Sony’s TV subscription package, Vue, is expanding to more places and will go a-la-carte. I don’t care.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Treyarch’s Mark Lamia is on stage to tell us about it. He looks and sounds like a car salesman who got hired to tell us about Call of Duty. Four player campaign co-op depicted in the trailer. It looks like you’ll have Bees instead of or in addition to attack dogs. Next up we’ve got some multiplayer. You can shoot people online. It comes out November 6th, 2015. Map packs come out first for Playstation this time instead of the Xbox. Pre-orderers get a beta. i made a mistake last time by getting it on Windows which was a horrible experience. Treyarch does typically do better on Windows than the other Call of Duty developers.
  • Shenmue 3 is now at $294,035 of its $2,000,000 goal. Kickstarter is going to get at least $100,000 for hosting a website if this project is fully funded.
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Rise Against the Empire Playset. One month exclusive on Playstation 4. The voice actor for Darth Vader sounds terrible. The Boba Fett toy is also exclusive.
  • More Star Wars: Battlefront. Nothing exclusive.
  • Awkward pause between the room going dark and the start of the Uncharted trailer. I need to go back and finish Uncharted 3. More techincal difficulties.They restarted and things are working now. The graphics look so good, but the gameplay looks like exactly what you would expect from a new Uncharted game.

That’s it for today.

Ubisoft’s E3 2015 News

Rayman’s Raving Press Conference starts now:

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth is getting a sequel with superheroes instead of medieval stuff. It’s called South Park: The Fractured, but Whole. Get it?
  • Lots of dumb butt-hole jokes with Matt Stone and Trey Parker on-stage. Apparently it’ll be using the same formula as the first Stick of Truth game, so expect more RPG in the same engine.
  • So many dumb jokes about other things including “tea-bagging.”
  • Reddit jokes.
  • Trailer for something called For Honor. Medieval dudes fighting. Vikings too? There’s a dude with a way too well manicured beard on stage with a cane. Two teams of four are now playing a demo. Looks like it is a cross between Chivalry and Mount & Blade.
  • The Crew is getting motorcycles and monster trucks in The Crew: Wild Run. November 15th.
  • A horse is galloping and shooting fire out of it’s nostrils with a weird cat thing that has a ray gun. It’s a new Trials game.
  • More Tom Clancy’s: The Division. Third-person multiplayer shooting. Sphero’s. A wilhelm scream as an NPC dies. Your team can betray other teams that you come across in the multiplayer. Or you can betray your whole team and take their loot for yourself. Betas for console and Windows early next year. The Division comes out March 8th, 2016.
  • Anno 2205, November 3rd. It’s Ubisoft’s city building game. They mention a beta later this year so I’m not sure if that is 2015’s November or 2016. The PC versions of these games have been pretty terrible in terms of DRM that only has a few activations before you can’t play it again.
  • They’re trying to make meme jokes with some dude in the audience who is wearing the most embarrassing cosplay and is not prepared for this at all.
  • Just Dance 2016 on all motion platforms. Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii-U. There’s Jason Derulo singing to a completely unresponsive crowd. Even the host of the show won’t get up and dance with the singer when he attempts to pull her on stage. After the song Derulo even mentions how awkward it was. There’s a subscription streaming service called Just Dance Unlimited for Just Dance 2016.
  • Of course what follows up dancing and singing better than terrorism in Rainbow Six: Seige. Angela Bassett was in the trailer, now she’s on stage. Bassett is your boss in the game. Terrorist Hunt is in this, if it’s anything like VegasTerrorist Hunt mode I will be psyched. There’s an on-stage demo, it looks awesome. You can break through walls with battering rams. Beta starts September 24th, 2015.
  • Trackmania: Turbo is up. Francois and Francois are here to show us some single player. It looks amazing. There’s a procedurally generated track mode. Francois flubs it the first time on the new track and hits a sign on a jump, flipping his car over.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Horse-drawn carriages and mutton chops mean it’s victorian England business. Not one assassination yet. Guns and wrist-blades are seen at the end. There’s some kind of in-person demo kiosks available in various locations around the world but the only United States location is in Los Angeles.
  • We couldn’t go through another press conference without mentioning “IP” and you bet it’s “new IP.”
  • The new IP is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It’s some kind of open-world third-person shooter. Tom Clancy’s name is getting a real workout for so much that he isn’t involved with. I guess that counts as new IP since the gameplay is kind of new,

That’s it.

Electronic Arts’ E3 2015 News

Here’s the news from the EA E3 press briefing:

  • The new Mass Effect has a name, it’s Mass Effect: Andromeda. “Discover a new galaxy.”
  • Need for Speed. No subtitle. Customization, what a surprise. “A new narrative.” with five ways to play. November 3rd. Looks good. I’ve been playing a bunch of Wreckfest lately and getting back into arcade racing.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. October 27th. Free to paid subscribers, free 2 play players are left out I guess?
  • “…next two original IPs…” STOP SAYING “IP”
  • Unravel. A cat made out of yarn called Yarny. Puzzle-platformer. The yarn that Yarny is made out of unravels while you move. It’s nice to have a completely different tone to this than the extreme bro-ocity of Need For Speed.
  • Of course we have to revisit Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. A zombie walks out on stage in a super hero outfit. The Zombie is ushered offstage while a joke, “You can’t take Zombies anywhere.” is delivered flatly and received by the audience with no reaction. Excuse me while I take a 5 minute power nap. Zombie co-op mode called Graveyard Ops. Local split-screen. A timer on-screen reminds us that it is only 35 minutes to Star Wars: Battlefront. Garden Warfare 2 launches spring 2016. Free content updates are promised.
  • NHL 16. Lots of Tim Hortons advertisements on the boards.
  • PGA Tour.
  • EA Sports Ultimate Team. It’s the same dumb card game thing.
  • NBA Live 16. “Rooted in self-expression.” Hoop God is here to show us how to do stuff. Face scanning. Face scanning is the stuff Hoop God is here to show us how to do. September 29th. Phone app for the face scanning. Apparently it’s spelled THAHoopGawd. “Up your swag.” No, up your swag. Dude only has one tweet.
  • Here’s a little secret between you and me, I didn’t even know that the Golden State Warriors were a professional team and I’ve been in Oakland since 2011. I thought they were a college team.
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes collectible card game for phones.
  • Minions Paradise. I’ve never see any of the Despicable Me movies. This awful game has two currency systems on screen already.
  • Pelé is on screen talking over a montage of football video. Now he’s on stage. The crowd rose to all take cell-phone photos. Nobody think about the current FIFA scandal. Nothing is wrong in the world of football. Pelé is here to make you feel better.
  • FIFA 16. “Tons of innovations in our game.”  We’re once again reminded that it there are only 15 minutes until Star Wars: Battlefront. “Women’s teams are in the game. Okay, that’s legitimately innovative.
  • What would life be like if we willingly gave up our privacy?” I don’t know, is Eric Schmidt up next to tell us about how we’ve been doing that for years? Oh, never mind. It’s Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. “She doesn’t need any guns.” Correct, Faith doesn’t. Please don’t ruin Catalyst with them. In-engine footage. February 23rd, 2016. Awesome. The game looks like they’ve been inspired by the lens-flares of Mass Effect.
  • Madden 16. Some dude from ESPN 2. I just hear the trombone sound of the parents from Peanuts speaking. Draft Champions is helpfully on-screen because I had forgotten what they were talking about. Fantasy football. That’s what they were talking about. I’m checking on my Fallout: Shelter on the iPhone.
  • Fuck the timer, the Battlefront trailer is already on YouTube:
  • Peter Moore is speaking about Star Wars: Battlefront but not showing the trailer.
  • They’re finally playing some Star Wars music in the background and trying to convince us how much they care about Star Wars.
  • Multiplayer and AI battles for singleplayer.
  • They’re still not showing game footage on stage. They just keep talking.
  • They’re finally playing the exact same trailer that is on their YouTube channel. The view switches between first and third-person. The schwartz is strong with this one.
  • No Battlefield 5 mentioned during this one. Did they not want to confuse people or what?

That’s it.