Quick PSN updates


(Mostly because Dr. Time asked me to do this and I’m not really in the huge mood to write after comments thinking I’m “talking shit” about the console with Spider-Mans’ double chins has a blurry as fuck game…)


Bionic Commando: Rearmed (remake of the NES game) is $4.99 ($5) this week. 50% off it’s price. One week only.

[Bionic Commando is awesome -ed]

Siren: Blood Curse has ONE WEEK LEFT at $29.99 ($30) before it turns into $39.99 again.

Rag-Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic is FREE ($0) for THIS WEEK ONLY.

Playstation Home wise: The apartment is out for FREE now and it’s a limited time only offer. If you’re wanting a new space, go grab it?

PSX game wise: Spyro: Year of the Dargon (the third/last game by Insomniac) is out on PSN today. As is SNK’s King of Fighters: 1999/’99. Both are $4.99.

Finally, a Burn Zombie Burn! Review

Everyone is a fan of Zombies, and some people are in the Scott Sharkey fan club. What you get when you combine the two?

A review of Burn Zombie Burn! over at 1up:

Burn Zombie Burn gets straight to the damn point. There are zombies. You burn the holy screaming hell out of them. Then, if you’re so inclined, you run into the burning mess of deadguys holding a lawnmower out in front of you. You can share this experience with your peers, if you’re so inclined.

Nice to know if the game is any good, I just wish things had worked out so the review would have gone up before the game.

MegaMan 9 Demo (PSN) Impressions

Do you miss being extremely frustrated with your video games?

If so, then Mega Man 9 is the game for you.

Unlike Capcom’s other recently released throwback title Bionic Commando, Megaman 9 retains the exact look and feel of its predecessors on the NES. While that graphical style is compelling, it also serves as a warning to keep those who were bad at the original games away. Fortunately, this demo is available to everyone who wants to take the game for a test drive on the 360 and PS3. WiiWare users have to suffer the indignity of purchasing a game only to find that they can’t defeat the elephants on the concrete man stage. I suspect that playing the game on the 360 will suffer due to the smushy d-pad on that platform.

Though you should still buy the shirt, even if you don’t get the game. Boxart will never be this cool again.